Visit our restaurant! After six years of service as a food truck, Don Lucho's has found a home in the Maple Leaf community of Seattle.

Our pick-up menu includes all our restaurant items & more!



  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 12pm to 9pm
  • Wednesday: 12pm to 9pm
  • Thursday: 12pm to 9pm
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  • Sunday: 12pm to 9pm

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Don Lucho's offers a culinary journey to Peru, from Maple Leaf

"And with Peru consistently winning the award for Best Culinary Destination at the World Travel Awards for eight years in a row, this cuisine is finally being recognized for its complex flavors and artistry. Seattle may lag behind New York and Miami in discovering the elaborate dishes of this bountiful and colorful country, but Chalisea and his restaurant Don Lucho’s are determined to make it a regular staple of local diets."

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Popular Peruvian Food Truck Opens New Restaurant in Maple Leaf

"’s looking to carve out an even larger niche in Seattle’s growing Peruvian food scene."

Sarza Criolla
Thinly sliced red onions mixed with cilantro, lime juice and a pinch of salt.
Rocoto Sauce
A spicy Peruvian pepper sautéed with onions & garlic and later blended with a touch of evaporated milk
Aji Amarillo
A mild Peruvian pepper sautéed with onions & garlic and later blended with a touch of evaporated milk.

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This Food Truck Chef Is on a Mission to Bring Peruvian Food to Seattle

"...introducing Seattle to his traditional lomo saltado -- in a bun."

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Seattle's Tiny Peruvian Food Cart Serves Big Delicious Yuca Sandwiches

"...Don Lucho created a fantastic fried yuca sub for vegetarians. It's filling and delicious."


We would love to cater your party, private event, wedding or company gathering. We take great pride in presenting traditional Peruvian dishes in gourmet sandwiches. Peruvian tapas for large groups are also available. We can custom fit a menu for your needs, just contact us and we can work together!


I invite you to follow Donluchos blog, all posts are about culinary experiences and journeys to Peru. I visit several times a year in order to get inspiration and new ideas for the Seattle street food life.


The dream of sharing my Peruvian culture and cuisine in the city of Seattle began several years ago. To get this venture started, I visited all different kinds of sandwich shops, carts and markets throughout Peru. I picked out my favorite sandwiches and added a twist of my own; this special twist is from paying attention to my Mother's old family recipes (Gracias Mamá!).

Why sandwiches? Because Seattlelites love sandwiches!